OPENVPN and TV Headend

Edit: moved tvheadend to docker, now working

Hi All,
so i have an issue where openvpn is working but the tvheadend server is not working through the vpn. if i do curl I can see my vpn’s address.

kodi starts after the vpn service and tvheadend server after kodi.

any help would be appriciated.

I don’t understand anything, explain it better.

CoreELEC openvpn server? or client?

If you use openvpn server in CoreELEC, what openvpn client do you use?

You want to do? Do you want to connect to a public openvpn server so that nobody knows your true IP? Or do you want to start an openvpn server in CoreELEC to connect to it remotely? What does all this have to do with the tvheadend server?

So i am connecting to a private openvpn server, to secure my internet traffic.
the openvpn client is the one built in to coreelec started by a service

The issue is the tvheadend server on coreelec installed via the plugins just refuses to work over a vpn. all other addons work fine over the vpn, except tvheadend server.

its not an issue with the vpn provider, as i can use the same vpn settings on my laptop and tvheadend works fine.

I’m sorry, I don’t have enough experience to diagnose the problem, I’ve never used openvpn clients to hide my ip, I only use this to connect to my server and it always worked fine.

I think that hiding IP is something unnecessary whose selling point is people’s fear. Once traveling on vacation in Turkey I had to use my openvpn server in Spain because Turkish networks did not allow me to access some websites. For protection against untrustworthy sites I use adguard DNS. My IP is renewed every day by automatic reboot of the router.

In relation to your problem I have seen that my router uses IP forwarding, my PC also uses IP forwarding, but CoreELEC does not use this, which prevents routing between network interfaces. The only suggestion I can make is that you include the following, before starting the openvpn client:

echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

I don’t know if this is the problem and if this will work. Good luck!.

I use a similar setup but I don’t think TVHeadend is directly aware of your OpenVPN setup, it uses networking subsystem of the operating system.

But if you have an IPTV mux for instance, you can choose which interface it uses including the tun0 used by OpenVPN but in general should not need to choose anything.

What exactly is not working in your TVHeadend setup?

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I use OpenVpn on my tvheadend server without any problem. For external access I don’t have the Openvpn server on the same device.

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All working now, i just stuck tvheadend in a docker container. I never knew about the muxes option. :slight_smile: thanks for the info