Optical Audio + HDR H96Pro+

Hi there, I have an H96 Pro Plus, I installed the last version of CE and I cant find the optical output in the system, does it support ? Another thing is HDR from PVR is not working tried 3 channels live tv, and 2 sources .mkv

Any help would be nice.

Thank you

No logs, no sample file, no model of TV, no model of AVR (if relevant) = No help.
There is no specific setting for optical, you have to set audio to HDMI and enable passthrough for DTS and DD.

Tell me what log you want, LG uj620v, I dont pass through AVR, because of using 4k direct display.

For using with HDR I used samples from internet initially, and after used tvheadend pvr client.

For optical i tried that, but will pass through the HDMI not the optical exit, you should have different audio output in setting not the HDMI one.

Do you know what processor is in your box? For instance S905 (non-X/D parts) doesn’t support HDR.
You have to make sure that “HDMI Deep Color” is enabled on the HDMI port (on your TV) you have the box connected to.
Regarding logs, you have to enable debug logging and enable video/audio logging components. These are Kodi logs.
In addition, reboot the box, and try play the mkv sample (a link to the sample you used would be helpful), after that, ssh into the box and type in dmesg | paste, copy the URL you get into your reply.
Is your TV able to enter HDR mode from smart apps like Netflix or YouTube or other HDMI sources if you have any?

On another note, I suggest you route sound through the TV and connect the TV’s optical output to your AVR instead of connecting the box directly. That way you’ll be able to get all source to your AVR, not just CoreELEC.

The H96Pro Plus uses an Amlogic S912 processor. I have 2 of these myself and HDR etc are all working fine using a Hisense 55N7.