Optical audio out suddenly stops working - Wetek Play 2 - CoreElec 9.2.8

I still use CoreElec 9.2.8 on my Wetek Play 2.

The Wetek Play 2 is connected via optical audio with my audio receiver to play the sound over my audio system. This is a setup which worked for years. Yesterday it suddenly stopped working.

It is not a hardware problem. I can start the box under the original Android and optical audio works.

In the Audio settings the used sound card/device is ‘ALSA; AML-M8AUDIO, HDMI’. I see there no device mentioning SPDIF or optical.

A Log can be found under http://ix.io/4deZ

Has anyone an idea? I know it is 9.2.8 is unsupported, now. But maybe someone has had the same problem…

Otherwise end of live is coming for my box or I can try LibreElec 11.0 Alpha

Nothing changed in 9.2.8, nothing should change with your setup. You can try libreelec, it’s a bit tiresome to hear those “I’ll move to libreelec threats”. Try it, use the one that best suits you.

Sorry for mentioning LibreElec. CoreElec is great stuff, but sadly not supporting my box anymore. I plan to stick with CoreElec 9.2.8 as long as possible (Never change a running system). But when it does not work anymore I will try LibreElec 11.0 (Alpha), before dumping the box.

Sorry, it´s not CE related
There must be another change on Your site because optical out stopped working

My S912 box is running CE 9.2.8 like the VW beatle, it runs, runs and will be runnig the next few years

That sound sensible. But what should it be? The sound over optical works if I boot the original Android. So there should neither be a hardware problem on the box, nor on the optical cable, nor on my audio receiver.

Try a fresh install CE 9.2.8

Another observation: Optical Audio is actually there a bit, but extremly quiet.

Wrong audio Channel settings? Optical can only handle 2.0.

Thanks, it is set to 2.0, just confirmed.

I found the actual problem. It was a silly one.

The volume of the box was down. I never set the volume on the box. In my setup the Logitech Harmony remote control always sets the volume of my amplifier. I do not know how it could happen that the box volume was down.

Sorry for bothering you with this and thanks for all the comments.

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