Option to set MTU size

I would like to put forward a request to add an option to the COREELEC Configuration add-on. I am on cable and even though my router claims to support MSS clamping, my internet connection is much more fluid and without hiccups when I manually set the MTU of connected devices to 1460 for ipv4. That is the maximum value where fragmentation doesn’t happen.

It would be great if such an option to set it manually could be added separetey in the COREELEC Configuraton add-on under CONNECTIONS and then for each ipv4 and ipv6 (ipv6 is probably best left at 1280). I would propose to set an activation switch for this option which activates a separate field to enter a value. This way, you would avoid to display the default value (no idea what that is in Linux, possibly 1492 or 1500).

Thanks in advance for considering!

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