Oscam addon not available in CoreELEC repo?Solved NO SUPPORT

I don’t find OSCAM in current CoreELEC 8.95.3 repo anymore. How can I install this addon now?

I am in the same situation.

Alternative oscam-emu (repository)

After install service OSCam access… ex:

Yes, the Oscam addon seems to be missing
from https://addons.coreelec.org/9.0/Amlogic/arm/addons.xml.gz

Here is the latest version compiled from the CoreELEC source code:

service.softcam.oscam-9.0.106.zip (709.4 KB)

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service.softcam.oscam-9.2.111.zip (733.0 KB)

Amlogic.arm oscam-trunk - r11570

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service.softcam.oscam-9.2.110.zip (733.0 KB)

Amlogic-ng.arm oscam-trunk - r11570

Hi everybody,

can someone please create latest oscam r11576 for me (S905) and share? Thank you very much in advance.

The most updated oscam versions (now v1.20-r11572-1) are in repository entware supported by CoreELEC (see http://bin.entware.net/aarch64-k3.10). It works very well. You can also search for information on docker containers, also supported by CoreELEC, for oscam, and finally you can search for the latest binaries for arm processors in web forums aimed at satellite receivers, these are the most updated but the origin of the applications is unknown.

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Sorry; I suppose I arrived too late here.
Could you explain how to (someting like a tutorial) install oscam via entware?
I have installed some apps via entware (zerotier; perhaps something more, I’m not sure), and “installing” oscam I guess that it would be like:
opkg install oscam

But… any default user / password / port to access using a web browser after installing?


oscam is not legal, at least it makes a violation of the provider terms and conditions.

No support here on this forum or by the CoreELEC Team. There are many other forums out there what do not have such problems to talk about illegal sharing.

It’s mostly used for card sharing I guess but there are some legit use cases for it as well.

The common interface support does not work in TVH version(s) of CE and in the past one of the former devs recommended to get a USB based card reader instead. I opted to run TVH in Docker on CE as the card readers are not CI+ compatible and I need to pair my cam with my cable tv provider.

Please show me any provider who legit the use of oscam with their system, you will not find any.

Stop to discuss about it’s illegal or not or I will close the thread.
Last warning!


If it’s considered illegal/immoral then just close it automatically as further discussion will have no value.

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