OSMC remote again?

So atm I’m using the OSMC remote, and it’s great. But it’s getting to be a bit worn, and I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for a replacement (preferably RC), or if I should just go with the OSMC once again.
Any thought are appreciated.

The new FireTV voice remote is one of the best I’ve used (on the N2 you’ll need a bluetooth adapter).


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Minix Neo A2 Lite is what I use, uses RF so it dvb super quick and uses IR for the standby button so you can still wake your device.


Minix Neo A2 Lite: that seems to be the remote i was searching for! thank you!
do i have setup something or does it work out of the box with the Odroid N2?

All buttons will work out of the box except the standby button as it’s recognised the same as a USB keyboard/mouse, it just needs a couple of small modifications to boot.ini and to copy a remote.conf for the standby button as that uses IR.

You really get what you pay for with that remote, it’s something that will last you years, even if you don’t use CoreELEC, its solid build quality, not just cheap plastic crap, buttons have a proper clicky feel to them and it’s weighty in the hand, exactly what you want in a remote.

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thank you for your fast reply.
is the “air-mouse” always active or do i have to push a button for it? it should be annoing if always active…
Edit: ok got it from a youtube review. you first have to active the mouse. thats perfect => ordered!

No you have to push a button to activate it.

Thank you for the replies all, and the inspiration. I decided to go with OSMC once again, because of the minimalistic design, and specifically only needing it for CoreELEC :slightly_smiling_face:

All buttons mapped correctly out of the box? Only gonna use it for a odroid n2 with coreelec ofc :slight_smile:
Would you recommend the remote?

Sorry for the really late reply.
Yes, absolutely. It’s great and minimalistic. And it’s tailored to use with any standard Kodi distro, so all buttons work as intended. Since I got a new TV (one with the Samsung One Remote, which is kinda shit for Kodi TBH), I’ve been using it even more. A great buy IMO. I was just looking for inspiration in the OP.
Another option is the Yatse remote for Android if that’s your thing.

Thats interresant… I have sammy tv with this remote, and all Kodi function work correctly. I have custom keymap created, and dont use another remote. I’v use the Samsung one remote to tv, to kodi and to my avr. Im not want better remote like this… :slight_smile:

That is interesting. Could explain how you have your keymap configured? I may be able to do something similar. Specifically I am missing play/pause directly in Kodi by using that button on the One Remote. Currently it display some OSD Samsung thingy when pressing play/pause. Also a key for context menu would be great.

Here my gen.xml. Not all code related for this remote…
Play/pause is my center enter button, pushing twice> osd menu,> play pause.
All play function in osdmenu with left-right button.
Key for context menu: Info button> virtual colors buttons>a
(I’m use Sansung info buttonmenu , virtual color buttons, and num button virtual numbers too…)
Estuary mod v2 skin.
gen.xml (1002 Bytes)

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Thank you for this. However, multiple key presses is what I’m trying to avoid, which is also why I have decided to use the dedicated Kodi remote instead.

I’ve got the same setup with a samsung tv and the one remote.
Usually this works fine with the CEC driver but lately it’s just flaking out and i’m left using the ios app.

will switching to something else such as the osmc one or the minix one avoid cec and just go directly to the n2?

Yes. The OSMC remote in any case, will go directly to the N2 (or whatever Kodi box you have) as it comes with a USB dongle you plug right into it. No nonsense.

I’m using a FLIRC USB with a orginal Samsung TV remote.

Works on any media box and keeps the “remote” feel.

Yes. I’m using the Samsung OneRemote also, through HDMI-CEC. Working fine, although not quite enough because of the missing buttons that are on the OSMC remote, which makes it that last bit better.

Does your OSMC remote go to sleep occasionally and you have to press buttons to wake it up and to start working with coreELEC? I don’t know if this is an option somewhere in settings or?

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