Other UK TV channels?

Hi all,

I’ve got an Odroid N2+, CoreELEC Edition, Pre-installed with 32GB eMMC.

It works great!!

The problem that I’ve got is that we can’t watch any UK TV channels except for those through iPlayer. This means that when we want to watch something on ITV or Channel 4, we can’t watch on the projector.

So, my questions are:

a) Is there a working way to watch ITV and Channel 4 through Kodi/CoreELEC?
b) If not, what is the best way to create some sort of Dual Boot Option, on the Odroid N2+, to book into an OS that would let me access other channels through a simple web browser?
c) Is there a different solution to this, that I’m not seeing?


You could attach a USB TV tuner and have access to most Freeview channels.

either usb tuner eg xbox costs about a fiver, then add TVheadend (not easy to setup)
or HDHomerun not cheap.

Thanks Compent and bubblegum57,

Unfortuntely, I used to have usb tuners connected to a server and a MythTV setup. However, the signal was so bad, even with boosters, that I got rid of all of that. Even got rid of the aerial!

Is there no way to watch the UK channels online?

Search for IPTV on the forums to see if it is a viable option on CE.

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