OTT TV-BOX T95M -> Which DTB for VFD Use / Remote Control

Hello Forum!

This is my first post here in this nice forum and unfortunately i´m afraid asking a absolute noob-question:

I own 2 OTT-TV-T95m-Boxes, Amlogic S905 Chipset, 100Mbit Lan and 1GB Ram / 8GB Rom.

These two boxes came with Android 5.1 and i converted to Libreelec which ran fine so far.

But now i want to migrate to Coreelec with Kodi 18, and also use the front display.

But unfortunately i seem not to find the right dtb… The remote-control never works, and i can´t get the vfd to work, also if i use the configuration files provided in the forum (copied to root\configfiles)…

The box boots, but remote dosn´t work either and vfd also doesn´t work… I used all 1GB S905-DTB´s provided in the list which can be found here in the forum…

What do i make wrong? Is there a dtb/solution for my ott-box?