Output to Sonos speakers

Hello everyone
Im looking for an easy way to connect my sonos speakers to my coreelec boxes as sound output. I want to output all sounds from the box not share audiofiles.

I have little to none knowlege of unix but learning alot everyday :slight_smile:

I have tryed a couple of diffrent ways to do it from ubuntu works good but they are hard /impossible to get working on coreelec.

I have tried on ubuntu

https://github.com/wil3/jackcast (fairly easy to install and configure. Made config for system audio and selected the right sonos room in webui).

Creates output sinks for each sonos room (easy in ubuntu)

https://gist.github.com/denysvitali/6d15e0cab8c4851d76ca19356d30be05 (This works aswell but again im not able to do it in coreelec)

https://www.instructables.com/Add-Aux-to-Sonos-Using-Raspberry-Pi (This is also works but dont want an extra box. Is it possible to get this working in coreelec ?)

/ Henrik

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