Passthrough change always save as default

I’m not sure if this is a bug or a feature or if it’s with Kodi or something in CE, but when I’m playing a video on my Odroid N2 and go into gear icon then Audio Settings (via the OSD) then turn Passthrough off and DO NOT click enable these settings as default, Passthrough remains off not just for the video for which I turned it off but for all videos. Same with turning it back on.

In other words, you can’t change Passthrough just for the video you’re watching without that change applying to all videos. Is this expected behavior? Because my expectation was that changing audio settings via the OSD while watching a video would only apply to the particular video I was viewing unless I explicitly told Kodi to apply the setting as a new default. Yet it seems to change it to default no matter what.

That is a Kodi thing. You can open an issue/feature request to change this behavior.
But it’s best to verify this on a PC first to see if it still works the same way.

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