Pathsubstition with advancedsettings.xml does not work

I am getting desperate here :exploding_head:

my via advancedsettings.xml set pathsubstitution does not want to work.

<advancedsettings version="1.0">

I also tried to specify the path with special://masterprofile/userdata/epggrab, unfortunately unsuccessfully.

Would be nice if someone could tell me what is going wrong.

Wrong forum. This is a Kodi issue:

@Betatester first of all thank you for your answer.

I already know the two links, unfortunately they could not help me.

Can someone confirm that pathsubstitution works with CoreELEC in principle or if there is a bug?

Maybe pathsubstitution needs the /etc/fstab, then this does not work with CoreELEC. :unamused:

If possible, please move to the appropriate forum.

This thing has nothing in particular with CoreELEC. And I’m sure it is working for others.
Why not posting Kodi debug log - maybe there is some clue. I see you have / at the end of to: try without.

if that is so, it would be nice if someone reports with the pathsubstitution works.

Have various combinations with and without slash / through, all unsuccessful.

My workaround is now the systemd solution, but I would rather solve this with the advancedsettings.

here the desired log:

This is not a debug log.

What is it then?

Please tell someone who doesn’t know what the debug log is, how I create one and where I can find it.

  1. Enable Debug Mode by using one of the following methods:

another try with the log…
hope that fits now

And who exactly is using this epggrab folder? tvheadend? Is it possible to use pathsubstition with addons?

Again, it’s a Kodi issue (read section 3 of the corresponding article in the Kodi wiki):

3 Special notes about path substitution for userdata files

Path substitution is not officially supported for settings files. It probably won’t hurt anything, but some things might not always work right depending on what you are substituting.

Why not just mount NFS share on /storage/.kodi/userdata/epggrab ? From or special systemd script?
I think what you are trying to do with path substitution can’t work.



I think you want something not even possible. This folder you are trying to substitute is not something Kodi related.

OK, thanks

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