Pausing (freezing) the movie on the HDD connected to Beelink GT-King Pro

Hi all
Since the friends present in this forum have good experiences in this field, I raise this question here.

I have a Beelink GT-King Pro with three HDD connected to it.
One 1 TB
One 2 TB
One 4 TB

It’s been a few days that when I play a movie from a 4 TB hard drive, the movie freezes (pauses) after a few minutes and stays like that for a few seconds, then it jumps forward a few seconds and the movie plays. After a few minutes, the same thing happens again. This happens only on 4 TB HDD.

I checked the 4 TB HDD with hard drive testing software and there were no problems.

I then connected the 4 TB HDD to another android box (Minix U9H) and played some of the same movies, but they played without problems and there were no pauses. In the next test, I copied some movies from the 4 TB HDD to the 2 TB HDD and played them with Beelink GT-King Pro, all of them played without problems. I also copied some movies from the 2 TB HDD to the 4 TB HDD (with 1080 resolution because I don’t have 4K movies on my 2 TB hard drive) and played them with Beelink, they also played without problems !

tip 1:
Most movies on 4 TB hard disk will pause, but few will not. Some of the movies that have pauses are 1080 and some are 4K. But all the movies that don’t pause are 1080.

tip 2:
This problem occurs both in CoreELEC and in Kodi.

please guide me.

Have you try connect your 4 tb hdd directly to your media player then play movies?

Directly connected

Are they externally powered or powered from USB?

powered from USB.
I have been using it for about a year.
It didn’t have this problem before, it has been happening for a few days.

You know the HDD get more and more fragmented over time?
So it will require more power to “mechanical” jump around.

Try again with a external power source!

My hard drive is portable model.
WD My Passport 4 TB

I am currently defragmenting the hard drive.
Will this have an effect?

The software shows one of the sectors as “Excluded”.
What does this mean?
Is this a bad sector?

No, it’s a block used by the system, and it cannot be safely moved. Find out what is written on it for better understanding…

I connected the 4TB hard drive to the device alone and the problem was solved.
It was not a problem even with connecting two hard drives.
But when I connect all three, the 4 TB hard drive has a problem.

After this incident, I went to the Beelink forum and saw that it was mentioned that the 4TB hard drive must be of the type with a power supply.

So the problem was the lack of power.

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