Permanently set ttl on aarch64

I am using an Odroid-C2 with CoreELEC 9.2.7 on it. It is running Linux version 3.14.29 aarch64. I am looking to set ttl on the network packets to a permanent higher value higher than 64. I have tried setting ttl to 66.

I am looking to do this as I use my cellphone hotspot for internet access. When streaming YouTube videos, the BW on the hotspot is throttled for devices with ttl set to less than 65.

I have tried the usual searches online and tried the suggestions for Ubuntu settings. Any suggestions from the CoreELEC community?

In /storage/.config/

echo 66 >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_default_ttl

vpeter, thanks!!

In addition (for those who may need a little extra), I did a chmod 744 on the file as well, and then rebooted. After my box came back up, I checked the ip_default_ttl file and verified that I had the 66 value in there. Worked perfectly!!

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