Petitboot issue

Hi all,

i have been trying to find a solution so i can chose weather to boot CE or Emnuelec (one OS on SD one on emmc) without having to remove / reinsert SD on my N2+. customizing u-boot was suggested but this is lost on me…

i tried using petitboot but is was broken out the box (failed to launch - exiting to shell) i flashed the latest version from link on odroid site, following upgrade steps noted on thier wiki. this worked and i was able to set boot order however, i found when petitboot boots up CE, SMB does not work, and when playing a video, i get black screen and just audio. in Kodi log i can see it fails to load amlogic codec. if i turn this off in settings in kodi, playback works again. if i boot CE direct flicking the SPI switch, i don’t get such problems

is this expected / known limitation when booting from petitboot?


You need Petitboot version 20220204 or newer.


i thought i had grabbed the latest, but it seems the page i took it from did not have the latest… i flashed spiboot-20211112.

will find version at or above the version you note and get it applied.

Petitboot 20220204


Thanks everyone, i flashed spiboot-20220221 and Amlogic codec and SMB is working :slight_smile:

i had to delete my samba.conf file and make new from the sample to get SMB to load and work with my custom share, not sure what the issue was there as if i booted direct to CE., it worked, but booting through petitboot it didn’t, when checking status it suggested SMB exited with error, anyhow, fresh samba.conf it is all working now!!.

i have once last question - does petitboot support any CEC features, and if yes how to enable? - would be great if i wanted to boot EE rather than defailt CE, i could scroll up to select EE to boot with my remote, rather than needing my keyboard…

Thanks Again!

No CEC support. Maybe use the autoboot option?

OK thanks.

i am using autoboot - it auto boots CE as that is the main use for this box with a 5 second delay to allow me time to chose the second OS EE if i want, as EE will only be occasional use… i guess i will just keep my mini keyboard handy if i want to boot EE. in any case it is an improvement over rummaging around in the back of my TV stand to mess with SD to pick what OS boots

Just set the OS you use most frequently as the default one, and turn on the TV prior to powering on the N2 if you want to boot in another OS.(or boot into the default OS and reboot, the TV shouldn’t power off).

The Odroid remote should allow for navigating the boot menu.

The OS booted will engage CEC and turn on TV etc.

I have triple boot setup that way: CoreELEC, Android, Linux

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