Petitboot question

I’m following steps from the odroid wiki

1. Download Upgrade image
2. Rename the image to spiboot.img
3. Paste 'spiboot.img' into the file system of the first partition on a micro SD card, not on eMMC
4. Power off ODROID-N2
5. Insert the card to ODROID-N2
6. Toggle the boot mode switch to SPI boot mode
7. Power on ODROID-N2
If Petitboot detects 'spiboot.img' from an SD card, Automatically Upgrade itself.

Regarding point number 3, do I paste the image file into a new or blank SD card or with Coreelec installed?

Blank micro SD card. The micro sd card with CE will be needed after you perform the upgrade of the petitboot.

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Thanks for your quick reply. I’ll test now.

Just as a quick note, If you only have one uSD card, placing the spiboot.img petitboot upgrade file in the CoreELEC partition (the boot partition not the storage partition) of a uSD with CoreELEC on it will work to update petitboot.

So I finally got petitboot to work. First I had to use an older recovery image (20190417) - newer versions did not work for some reason. After the recovery then I followed the streps to update and now I get the petitboot menu in SPI mode where I can choose which OS to boot.
@cdu13a - Thanks for the info. I used a new SD card but it’s good to know I could have used the CoreElec card.

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