PGS subtitle blink when VC-1 video playing

PGS subtitle blink when VC-1 video playing with HW acceleration(amcodec).
turn off HW acceleration,subtitle display normal.

GT-King (S922X CoreELEC9.2.8 and 19.2)
N5plus (S905X3 CoreELEC9.2.8)

sample: pgs_subtitle_blink_sample.mkv

This happens on my N2. I noticed nearly all the videos I had a problem with had a VC-1 video codec, so much so I use my Shield TV Pro to watch films with a VC-1 codec. I didn’t notice the link between PGS subtitles, nor did I experiment with changing settings (hardware decoding ect).

I just checked the samples I made earlier in the year and I can confirm that the problem goes when disabling hardware decoding. I’ve also had this happen with two films that had a different video codec, but I didn’t make a note of the films.

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