Phantom keypresses

I’ve been a happy 19.x user for a long time.
Since I bought an Odroid C4 and installed 20.2-Nexus, I’m experiencing lots of strange issues.
The most perplexing one is Kodi is reacting to what appears to be phantom keypresses.
That means that it does actions when I haven’t pressed any button in the remote at all.
Or sometimes, when I press a button, it does the wrong action.
For example, if I’m watching a video and it’s paused, it will unpause by itself.
Or, if I press a button to activate subtitles, it will pause.
It doesn’t happen often, like once or twice a day, so of course, it doesn’t happen when I’m running in debug mode and tailing the log file.

And the reason I haven’t reported this before, is because I customized my setup by disabling eventlircd, copying lirc remote configurations, customized Kodi’s Lircmap.xml and remote.xml.
I did this so I could use a programmable remote with dedicated buttons for Kodi actions, in addition to Odroid’s remote.
But this customization is something I did with CoreElec 19.x and it was working perfectly.

I just want to know if anyone else is experiencing this, and if it’s a known bug.

Try last nightly on CE-20 or CE-21:

Thanks, I’m feeling hopeful again.
I wonder why nobody has reported this, it’s not like the C4 is new, or unpopular.
Is there any way I can apply just this change to what I have running?
I thought I could just convert the dtb to dts, remove the adc_keypad section and convert the result back to dtb, but I can’t find anything looking like “adc_keypad” in the dts.

The issue was never resolved.
I tried using yesterday’s nightly (2023-11-30).
I paused a video, and after a few minutes it continued playing by itself, nothing was pressed in the remote.

No log no problem:

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