Pi-Hole on 8.90.3 not working


Has anyone got pihole working on 8.90.3? For me, Docker installs fine, Portainer installs and works fine, but pihole installs fine and then does nothing. The settings for pihole show up empty in the GUI.

The log (sorry this is not the debugging log) shows this line every time i try to enable pihole

ERROR: CAddon[docker.linuxserver.pi-hole]: failed to load addon settings from special://profile/addon_data/docker.linuxserver.pi-hole/settings.xml


hi @punkid did you get it working ? as i have the exact same issue and didn’t find way to solve it , strangely working fine on LE


Yes i got it working by installing the Pihole container manually over SSH. Just copy and paste this into the command line :

docker run -d
–name pihole
–network host
–cap-add NET_ADMIN
-v “/storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/pihole/pihole/:/etc/pihole/”
-v “/storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/pihole/dnsmasq.d/:/etc/dnsmasq.d/”
-e ServerIP=“”
-e TZ=“Asia/Karachi”
-e IPv6=“False”

This will install PiHole in network host mode which is required if you want to use the DHCP function.
You container is now up and running, but the problem is that on rebooting, the container tries to startup too fast. Heres the solution for that:
Create a file called pihole.server and put this in it:


ExecStart=/storage/.kodi/addons/service.system.docker/bin/docker start -a pihole
ExecStop=/storage/.kodi/addons/service.system.docker/bin/docker stop -t 2 pihole


Create another file called pihole.timer and put this:

Description=Runs pihole



Copy these two files to Configfiles/system.d

Then go to SSH and type

systemctl enable pihole.timer

All done. Your container should be working and starting up on reboot without any problems. I know it looks hard, just follow it closely and you’ll be fine.