Picture and sound out of sync, CoreElec RC Firmware Update v0.4.2 for Ugoos AM6

I’ve using this box 'UGOOS AM6 PRO Amlogic S922X Android 9.0 TV BOX 4GB/32GB 2.4G+5G MIMO WIFI Bluetooth 5.0 USB 3.0 HDMI 1000M LAN Samba Server" (https://www.geekbuying.com/item/UGOOS-AM6-PRO-Amlogic-S922X-Android-9-0-TV-BOX-4GB-32GB-2-4G-5G-MIMO-WIFI-Bluetooth-5-0-USB-3-0-HDMI-1000M-LAN-Samba-Server-420715.html?utm_medium=sysedm&utm_source=PaypalPaidCounpon) for quite a while now.

Lately I have been noticing the issue that the sound and picture is out of sync. Hence I decided to upgrade the Coreelec version. I chose RC Firmware Update v0.4.2 for Ugoos AM6 & Cube X2/X3 models (https://ugoos.com/rc-firmware-update-v0-4-2-for-ugoos-am6-cube-x2-x3-models), specifically the version “AM6_dce_0.4.2”

However even the later Core-Elec isnt fixing the issue.
I tried paying Bluray rips, remux or m2ts files there is still a small delay which is frsutrating

Any help to fix this would be really appreciated

The dual boot firmware is not official supported by CoreELEC.

So flash a “normal” Android on the device and boot from uSD/USB and try again with a fresh CE install.
And I think this 0.4.2 firmware is encrypted so you will not be able to install to internal memory.

Hi @Portisch I successfully installed 0.4.2 into internal memory.The ugoos team helped me do that. As per their instructions I first installed encrypted AM6_dce_0.3.9. And from there installed 0.4.2

Im able to boot to 0.4.2.

Its just the slightly out of sync voice and picture :frowning:

You can try solution from this post above

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