Pioneer VSX-934 passthrough problem

With both stable and nightly (23-02-2020) passthrough is not working correctly. In Coreelec I have set the audio output and passthrough device to ALSA;AML-AUGSOUND,HDMI - but PCM 2.0 is being sent out for everything except Dolby 2.0. (Its always correct). The amp works fine with my sat box and Panasonic UB820.
Tested with AAC 2.0, Dolby HD 5.1, Dolby HD 7.1, DTSMA 5.1, DTSMA 7.1, Dolby HD 7.1. Normal Dolby 5.1 is sometimes sent out correctly and sometimes as PCM 2.0


I have the VSX-831.
You have set the correct output device.
Have you set the amount of channels to 5.1 or 7.1?
Although this shouldnt matter for passthrough, but it is the recommended settings for AVR’s supporting it.
And selected all the supported passthrough?
It should work, it works here like that.

Well I don’t know what magic your employing but following your settings and everything is working properly again! Many thanks for your help, much appreciated.

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