Pixellated display and ghosting interface on U9-H 9.2.1

I’ve been meaning to write this for ages but since it doesn’t affect the actual display of playing videos I ignored it. I am not sure this happened after an update, it just started randomly:

My Kodi menu display is really pixellated, both fan art and text. This is the case throughout the entire menu including CoreElec. The Minix and CoreElec boot-up screens are not pixelated.

When I use my airmouse the control display ghosts. I can see the correct buttons at the bottom but it is repeated again, faded, half way up the screen. I’d ignored this until yesterday when I watched a movie with subtitles and the subtitle was repeating half way up the screen too.

I have not changed anything in the menu set-up for this to happen. I have followed all recommended settings here, but again, nothing had changed.

My TV screen is only 720x480 display but changing the display to any other dimension doesn’t resolve the ghosting. All other settings under display are disabled but graphics buffer is set to 3. I have tried turning on/off all settings under CoreElec display (NR, deinterlacing etc).

I then tried to reset my display settings to default and when it changed the screen flickered. I clicked cancel so it wouldn’t reset to default, the display disappeared altogether and my TV is now flashing ‘no signal’ as if the Minix turned itself off. I pulled the cord, rebooted and the display is still pixelated.

Like I say, this isn’t affecting playback, only the interface.

Any pointers appreciated, thanks.

Since you don’t have a 1080P display, try it, maybe it’ll work for you.