Play-button problem on music playback

I have this quite strange problem with remote control; whenever I listen to music at full screen (viewing album/artist art) and try to resume playback after pausing, play -button doesn´t resume playback, but instead it calls visualization preset -window. Resuming with pause button works normally, but that´s not very intuitive for me.

I´ve had this problem also with LibreElec. My system is Odroid C2 and remote is Logitech Harmony Ultimate, and I´m using bluetooth (bluetooth usb dongle as receiver). This happens without any modification to button mapping. If music playback is not at full screen, play button works just fine.

Solved finally with keymap editor. Had to remap play-button again like this:

<key id="61520">play</key>

For some reason default keymapping has had this behaviour quite long time on LibreElec and now on CoreElec. I don´t remember if I had this problem with OpenElec.