Playback after pause takes >5 secs after 9.2.1 update


I’ve recently updated my Magicsee N5 box to Coreelec 9.2.1. All went fine, but the update introduced an annoying issue:

When I pause a PVR recording (which are converted to MKV in my setup) and then continue playing, the audio immediately runs properly - but the picture is still frozen for around 5 seconds before the video also continues.

Does anyone suffer the same after the update and is there any solution around?

I’m getting the same on my S912 boxes, I have to skip back 10 seconds each time to not miss it. I can’t confirm but I think I saw the same on my s905x boxes too (I can’t test at the moment).

I’ve noticed the same issue. The picture hangs, then starts playing after 9-10 seconds. Didn’t happen until 9.2.1. Sorry I don’t have any logs.

A potential workaround is the Unpause Jumpback addon. I use this regularly with a 10-15 sec jumpback and it works great. Unpause Jumpback

Exact same issue for me on my S905X box. All fine before the latest update, now getting the issue that you describe (although I don’t use PVR, it’s just playing MKV files in general it seems? Haven’t extensively tested yet).

EDIT: I rolled back to 9.2.0 and working fine again, so it’s definitely something introduced in the latest version.

have the same issue. on s905x2, magicsee n5 max, update 9.2.1.
opened a thread here: Video hangs after long pause (didn’t find this one)

Can somebody please provide a short sample.

Have you tried using the pass profile in TVH. I have noticed that on broadcast .ts recordings that the audio is usually around a second in advance of the video according to MediaInfo.

sample here:!KJBhlCoD!wk1iJtZpImDadWTg1D5Tn_rLt3dNzwbphJzkSQcO6u8

the thread is labeled wrong, the problem is not only on tvh… also in local files.
I also have a log posted here: Video hangs after long pause if needed

Fixed in 1219 nightly


still getting this issue in 9.2.2

I am getting this issue as well. I’m on s905x

Same here on 9.2.1 and 9.2.2. Still staying on 9.2.0 for that reason.

I have this problem as well, also since 9.2.1 and I’m still getting it on 9.2.3. I’ve managed to reproduce it on a test S905 box and have captured a full debug log when it happens. It actually seems to happen every time I tried it on this box, although on my live S905X box it’s fairly intermittent.

I’ve put the kodi log and the test mkv that it happens on at

Hope this helps to fix it. Thanks

I’m back here and having the same issue with 9.2.3. I stayed on 9.2.0 since, but thought I’d try 9.2.3, but to no avail. Any view from the dev team on this?

I’ve had this since 9.2.1 as well, Minix UH-9 (S912). Reported it a couple of times. Any ideas?

Same here with Minix UH-9. I keep trying the new releases including 9.2.3 and the problem remains. I always end up going back to 9.2.0. It feels like something definitely changed in 9.2.1. It happens on local USB files, 1080p and 4K.

Nobody of the devs can reproduce the issue. So if you can reproduce it and after the pause & resume when normal playback started again enter a SSH connection and enter
dmesg | paste
and post the link you receive.

Here you go -

Again, this is from my test box/mkv I mentioned above which seems to be doing this all the time on this particular file.

Here’s mine as well.