Playback fails when amcodec is enabled


I have been having this issue for quite a few months now.
Sometimes the loading circle just spins, other times the system freezes completely
I can play a couple of movies after a reboot, but if I let it sit overnight, the box usually fails, or loading is extremely slow

If I tail the log file, it usually ends with “DEBUG: CVideoPlayerVideo - video decoder returned error” when the issue occurs

Log is 27MB


THX for log. The “DEBUG: CVideoPlayerVideo - video decoder returned error" is not a issue, it is part of selecting right video decoder. The issue in your case is in amlvideo driver /dev/video10.

16:50:25.181 T:3410924400 ERROR: CAMLCodec::OpenAmlVideo - cannot open V4L amlvideo device /dev/video10: Device or resource busy
16:50:25.181 T:3410924400 ERROR: CAMLCodec::OpenDecoder - cannot open amlvideo device
16:50:25.181 T:3357533040 DEBUG: CVideoPlayer::ProcessVideoData size:23 dts:0.042 pts:0.083 dur:41.708ms, clock:-0.458 level:0
16:50:25.181 T:3410924400 ERROR: DVDVideoCodecAmlogic: Failed to open Amlogic Codec

I really don’t know reason for “device busy”. Sorry, but I am very busy in my job. No time for finding bug in kernel driver for issue appearing after lot of playback hour’s.

You have Marcel Veldt’s “Spotify” addon installed, which is known to cause video playback problems like this.
If you switch to librespot, you shouldn’t have any problems anymore.

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Even 2+ years after the thread has been started, I stumbled across the same issue on my KODI setup. Thanks to this thread I disabled Spotify addon and voila at the same moment I was able to start the video that was hanging before.

Many thanks!

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