Playback issue from remote NAS

I always had problem playing back large movies (10GB+) from remote NAS (site to site vpn tunnel). If the movie is copied to my local nas everything is fine.

I know what you are thinking to slow internetspeed. But I can play the same movies and alot larger movies on the pc sitting on the same LAN.

I have the same issues on 3 coreelec boxes one Odriod N2 and two S912 all of them are connected with cable.

Anybody have any ideas or the same issues ?

/ Henrik

VPN = bottleneck

If the limitation is not in your NAS, nor in the download speed, then it could be in your internet connection, do you use intermediate mobile or wireless connections? In this case, the latency could be very high, something that does not happen with fiber optic connections. Try doing a download speed test to rule out the first two.

I got more speed then needed thru the vpn. I can play on computer thru vpn from remote nas but not the coreelec boxes.

I got about 500mbit thru vpn with iperf.

When a movie is played on the computer from the remote nas it tops around 100 Mbit. When played on the coreelecbox it tops att 20mbit. Booth the PC and the coreelecs is in same lan with ethernet cable.

And just to clarifiy its a site 2 site vpn so NO vpn client on pc or coreelecbox


Did you check the latency of your VPN connection? Bandwidth alone is not an indicator for a stable connection.

a ping shows 23 ms
I can play from the pc using the same Lan (switch router VPN router NAS) setup

For months a didnt even tried on the PC becuse i didnt think it was going to make a diffrence

/ Henrik