Playback Speed in 19.2

Hello everyone, I want to watch some videos at speed 1.2x in kodi 19.2.
How is that possible? is there any skin or script that makes it easier?
I have an odroi N2/coreelec 19.2

This is not possible on embedded systems. Only on windows.
Just jump forward.

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Kodi19.0 has a 0.8X-1.5X playback speed on Sony Android TV

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kodi20 is installed on the AM6 and also has a 0.8X-1.5X.

The option was removed as it causes unexpected issues. The option is a left over from VHS times where time jumps were not possible.

That’s not quite the whole story. Apparently some folks actually like watching thing sped up (reality tv etc). Kodi on some platforms can do that and re-pitch the audio so it doesn’t sound like the chipmunks, just the same tones but quicker.

I’m sure you had good reasons to remove it on CE, and it’s an obscure option for sure, but just saying it’s used for different reasons that skips, most of the time.

(This is super common in the podcast world, e.g. by default I listen to podcasts at 1.2x and with a system to remove silences/gaps etc - which works well for podcasts but I’ve tried it with video and the sped up motion just doesn’t work for me…)

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