Playback stops, screen goes black, system unresponsive, requires power cycle

Hi there, hoping someone can help me.

On my return from summer vacation, my system (ODROID-N2+ 4GB) has started randomly hanging as in the title. This has occurred with both 4K HDR content and the last crash was when watching something in 1080p.

I hope these are the correct logs, please advise if more information is required.

crash log:
system log:


@Portisch you moved this message which confused me, but now I understand why - I didn’t realise there were newer versions that required a manual install.

I did a fresh install of 20.2-Nexus today, but these crashes are still occurring. Here are the logs.

I am wondering if this is a network issue, but I don’t know how to read the crashlog. I have let iperf run for 10+ minutes without problems but on video playback the box is crashing every 10-20 minutes.

Apologies for tagging you if that is not ok.


Because first log was about Kodi Leia, 19.5 → EOL.

I see no issues in the log so you might did not enable kodi debug.
You have a 8TB HDD connected or by SMB?
Try with clean fresh install without anything installed.
When it works do step by step install until it does not work anymore to find the cause of your problem.

Yep, I realised that afterwards.

I did enable debug, I thought, I will check again.
The 8TB is over SMB.

It is a clean fresh install (did that before reposting the logs). I am going to test the network “infrastructure” today, as I am suspicious that that is the cause. Thanks for taking a look anyway.


It looks like it was a network problem, as changing the cable seems to have done the trick. Odd, because it always worked before but whatever.

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