Player Process Info Screen Question

Hello all,

I’m running CoreELEC 20.5 and if I play a 1080p or less video (Movie or TV Show) and press O I get the Player Process Info Screen.

Play a 4K video and pressing O does nothing.

Is this expected behaviour?


EDIT: Just updated to CE 21 with the same result.

No…, it is not.

Thanks for your reply.

I have since discovered the issue of no Player Process Info is only with 4K with HDR. Without HDR it works with 4K.

This works:

This does not show the Player Process Info Screen:

Here is a sample of the HDR file with the issue.

Unable to reproduce using your test clip and CE21-ne nightly

Are you using the default Estuary skin?

Now, there’s a good question. No using Estuary Mod V2.

Will go back to Estuary skin and try again.

Yep, just tested Estuary Mod 2 and player process doesn’t show with your test clip. So would seem to be an issue with the Estuary Mod 2 skin.

Looking at Estuary Mod 2 source code it seems that the issue is that the new ‘HDR’ logo Dialog 1111 never closes properly and blocks the opening of the player process dialog, which is why it only happens on HDR content.

For me, pressing any button ie. back removes the HDR logo dialog and then the player process dialog works fine. This is a bug you’ll need to report to the skin’s author.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to investigate this for me, it’s much appreciated.

I will report it tomorrow.

Thanks again,


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