Player / skin for audio

i use my remote to go to my audio library and when i press a song its impossible (with 1 click) to somehow play forward or anything else. the only option i have is to press left so the menu opens, then go all the way down and press “forward”.
is there some kind of player available that opens when i play a song?
like the one i get when i hit a couple of times “back” ?

It’s up arrow on my remote.

guess that absolutely depends on the remote
i have a minix neo a2
when i press up it selects the song above

edit: guess ill try it with that:

What “above”? In play view there is no list of songs. I guess you need to explain your problem better.

what do you mean with “play view” ?
i have no “play view” - i have the normal view as always.
i browse to the external hard drive through the menu, select a title and play it.
there is no player visible - its just the regular menu as always.
the only thing i see is in the upper right a little icon that says that it is playing. nothing else.

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