Please add output 2.35:1 aspect ratio in 4k

since many home theater projector screens are 2.35:1 aspect ratio, like mine, current settings of Coreelec can only ouput 16:9. I wonder whether it’s possibe to add 2.35:1 ratio. especially 4k UHD bluray materials are mostly 2.35:1

I don’t understand how does it benefit you. You would still have change the zoom of your projector to go from 16:9 to 21:9. You can do that right now also.

What projector do you have?

epson TW8400. when i play 2.35:1 files such as 4K 3840x1630, signal received by tw8400 is 16:9 at 3840x2160. So can’t change the lens to 2:35 mode.

You can. You just zoom in so that the full screen is covered by the picture. The black bars from top and bottom will overflow from the screen but that should not be a problem. I have tw9300 which has lens memory which I use to zoom in and out.

In any case, this projector is a 16:9 projector. So whatever signal you give, it is going to be represented as 16:9 using black bars on top and bottom as in 21:9 or the left and right in case of 4:3.

All UHD BD material is 16:9. There is no standard for 1:2.35.
You can adjust your projector to get the the 2:35 picture from 16:9 signal