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I don’t even really know how to formulate it in German and now I have to do it in English. Oh my God :wink:

This how-to is from me atür-das-neue-LIRC-Protokoll/

Unfortunately, some keymaps are no longer implemented by Kodi or Coreelec. Let’s stick with just one remote control key. For me it is the power button.

The remote control sends the code “0x40404d” and this should be converted into KEY_S, which CE unfortunately does not do. Instead, CE does nothing.

I therefore suspect that KEY_S (XBMCK_s) has been replaced by something else. Who among the coders here can answer this for me…?

My meson-ir file:

table KIII_S905_BOX, type: nec

0x40404d KEY_S
0x404043 KEY_MUTE
0x404053 MEDIA
0x40405b TV
0x404057 WEB
0x404054 APP
0x40401e KEY_REWIND
0x40401a KEY_HOME
0x404042 KEY_ESC
0x40400b KEY_UP
0x40400e KEY_DOWN
0x404010 KEY_LEFT
0x404011 KEY_RIGHT
0x40400d KEY_ENTER
0x404045 KEY_MENU
0x404001 KEY_1
0x404002 KEY_2
0x404003 KEY_3
0x404004 KEY_4
0x404005 KEY_5
0x404006 KEY_6
0x404007 KEY_7
0x404008 KEY_8
0x404009 KEY_9
0x40400f KEY_I
0x404000 KEY_0

Everything works. Only KEY_S for the shutdown menu does not.

Please, who can help?

Greetings Tommy

Translated with (free version)

Have you looked here?

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That information can be found in the library section of the repository.

Vielleicht solltest Du noch mal schauen?.

PS: English is the official forum language, so everybody can follow the conversation.

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Here it would have been helpful to tell me where exactly… But I had to work my way through…

But I found nothing. Except in THIS file, which I also only found within a source code.

OK, that’s the search… At least I didn’t find anything in the library section.

Maybe you can help me in another way. I would be interested to know if you could exchange a FB button at your place…

Instead of KEY_POWER (system power) or KEY_ENTER (OK button), please set
KEY_S and see if the shutdown menu is called up when you press it. Really, I get a lot further with this than searching for something that worked without further ado before… It’s not a thinking error or anything… No, it just doesn’t work at the moment…

Here are the codes that Kodi understands… Or rather, which are converted into them by the FB codes. So KEY_*

Kind regards

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I believe I understand what you are trying to say, so here’s the algorithm to do just that:

SSH into the OTT Box

  • The tools to create an SSH connection are located in \Library\Tools.

First follow: How To - Capture Remote Key Codes to capture the remote key code for the button you want to map

Then read: How To - Create remote.conf From Scratch to understand how the OS handles the keycodes.

Next use Reference Materials:

Keycodes - input-event-codes.h
Keycodes - LinuxInputDevices.cpp
Keycodes - remote.xml

to map the captured remote key to the appropriate entry in the Meson_IR file.

All these documents are located in: \Library\Tutorials\03 Advanced\

It might take a little trial and error, but since you want to learn…

Bonne chance!

I can confirm that KEY_S (s) brings up the Kodi Shutdown Menu with my MX3 Air Mouse and with my USB Keyboard on 4 different OTT boxes, thus ruling out any internal issues with Kodi or CoreELEC in regards to key mapping.

It’s me again…

I’ve been trying things out again and unfortunately I can’t get any further.
If I change the KEY_S in the keymaps file to KEY_POWER (and re-read it), Kodi shuts down. Which is normal for KEY_POWER.

But why does KEY_S not work (for me)?

OK, it works for you @betatester, you say.
Unfortunately not for me. And that’s really annoying.

LG Tommy

What’s the code captured when running ir-keytable -t and then tapping the “S” key?

I got from your previous post that the power key sends: 0x40404d

Maybe you have another skin?

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