Please update Zattoo PVR, breaks Nexus

Is it possible to update the Zattoo PVR Addon in the official repo?
Unfortunately this (old version) plugin breaks Nexus, see download location for builds · Issue #161 · rbuehlma/pvr.zattoo · GitHub


We have already latest version in CE:

but it is not listed when i click in the addon → versions. do i have to manually update that somehow?

Read the Wiki:

You can also install manually from zip file located CoreELEC nightly builds

thanks, i already use that. i installed it now from the .zip, but it was not listed. and i somehow assume, that something is broken on my installation, when this addon was not updated respective the index that is used to find new updates. wondering if this is the only addon that is not updated on my machine.
is there any way to force a re-indexing, that i can be sure it has all the latest versions?

Yes, read the Wiki as there is described how to enforce a repo update

i read it now multiple times, maybe my english is too bad, i dont get it. i tested in add-ons → check available updates, checked that “Update official add-ons from” is set to “Any repositories” and clicked around a bit, but was not able to find anything where it states “update indexes” or so.
i created a backup and probably will re-install coreelec the next days.

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