Plex add on crashing Kodi

PlexKodiConnect does its usual sync with PLex Media Server on boot and always freezes as the 91% point. I’ve tried multiple reboots with no resolution. The add-on’s developer didn’t notice anything in the logs.

Additionally, my storage on the second mount is down to 600 MB. Any way to clear the storage or find out what’s causing the massive fill? No videos are stored locally and I doubt poster art will take up 6 GB for 1300 movies…didn’t on the first sync.

The issue @dmarkey and I are referring to is not related to PlexKodiConnect mate. It’s to do with the Plex add-on for Kodi which is found in the Kodi addon repository.

I think you are also referring to PlexKodiConnect in this post, right? It’s a different issue to the one with the Plex add-on.

Yes I am. Thanks.