Plex add-on quality

Hi all,

I’ve added the Plex Client add-on to my N2 and I have a question. How do I limit the the quality of all videos to say 8Mb/s? I can do this is the Plex Client for Windows but I cannot see how to do this in Kodi.


You should be able to do it on the server-side. Keep in mind that all videos over 8Mb/s have to be transcoded. Furthermore, I recommend having a look at the Plex forum if you have more questions related to the Plex addon :slight_smile:

Have you looked at the Plex add-on’s settings? It initially took me ages to find it cause you don’t get to it via the context menu key. With the add-on opened, go to your login details and click…

Are you sure? There’s an option in the settings for each video to change the quality with one of them being Original Quality.

Thanks did not know this and will check it out.

Edit: Found those settings and set Local, Remote and Online Qualities all to 4Mbps and disabled Direct Play. However by default all video are showing as being played in Direct Play mode as seen in the Dashboard of the Server.

I’ll have a tinker with my setup later but I wouldn’t expect to be able to help you further. I’ll be looking to find a stream >4Mb/s to see what makes mine plays at.

Have you tried the other Plex client, Composite, that’s in the Kodi repo? It’s more list based than the Plex add-on but it might work for you.

I’ve done the tinkering and get the same as you in both the plex addon and in Composite. My stream plays at original 6mbs irrespective of any of the settings.

I’ve just seen your post on the Kodi forum. I have a Plex Pass so it’s not related to that.

Thank you for testing, however I don’t understand why these settings are in both Composite and Plex Clients and they have no effect. Maybe server related in some way or even a Kodi setting?

It’s certainly not CoreELEC because I get the same on firestick 4k and Vero 4k. I doubt it’s the server because you can get it to work on the windows client.

We should stop this discussion. I’ll post on the Composite thread in the Kodi forum as I think the developer is more likely to respond. Watch that thread to see if you get an answer.

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