Plex addon cannot directly play

I installed official plex addon (v 0.1.6) from CoreELEC Repository. When I play a HEVC video, it cannot be played directly and decoded by KODI, but it was transcoded by plex sever to H.264, which lead to very high CPU occupation of my weak server. And the audio of my video also transcoded from AC3 5.1 to AAC. Additionally, my FLAC musics were also failed directly play, which were transcoded from FLAC to AAC. So what can I do to force the videos and music directly played on Kodi, but not transcoded on server? Thanks.

In the Plex add-on setting go to the Video section and make sure the bottom option “Allow HEVC (h265)” is ticked, by default it’s unchecked. I can’t help with the FLAC transcoding.

It worked! Thanks very much~