Plex-Media-Server Docker - Music locations

Hello there,

I have been using CoreElec with a MySQL database and Kodi for couple of years now and I am very happy with it on a Wetek Hub.

However, I wanted to be able to used it an another TV and since I do not want to buy another box I am trying Plex that is easily install on smart tv.

Anyway, I install plex-media-server using Docker - so far all is working fine out of the box, managed to add both Movie and TV Show folders (files are located on a NAS - mounted using systemd to /storage) Did not have to change anything to have access to the plex webpage as mentioned in other topic.

I added the correct file locations using the configure option from Kodi addon menu. However, there is no option to add the Music library location.

Searching the great web, it seems I need to used docker create\ to change any options. Is that right? And if so, is there a way to extract the current docker container options ?

Thank you for your time,

Check the docker documentation maybe it says something. I always do tests to find the best configuration of docker containers and I don’t trust my memory, so I write the creation command of each docker container in a <main_control_port>-<name_of_container>.sh file, for example, for plex I would use the name /storage/.config/dockers/ All my docker configuration files are in my /storage/.config/dockers directory.

The port number is also part of the name of all my docker containers, this way through the portainer service I can easily remember how to configure each container.

I leave you my plex container but I do not guarantee that this will work because I do not use plex, it is only an example for your study:

docker run -d \
  --name=32400-plex \
  --net=host \
  -e PUID=1000 \
  -e PGID=1000 \
  -e VERSION=docker \
  -v /storage/.config/dockers/plex/config:/config \
  -v /media/5TB-HDD/Media/tv:/tv \
  -v /media/5TB-HDD/Media/movies:/movies \
  --restart unless-stopped \

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