Plex or Plex like interface on CoreElec

Hi, is it possible to install Plex Client addon on Coreelec, or make Coreelec to look like Plex?

I mean I have a bunch of blu rays which I want corelec to show as menus and not individual folders, where I have to manully play the stream 1 by 1.

In short, I want to be able to see the menus just like when you insert a 4K disc in a Blu ray player. Would it possible to do that in Coreelec.

Plex does that perfectly when you point your source. Making a library out of your Media. I wish we could do the same with Coreelec.

There’s offical Plex addon for Matrix (Kodi19, which is the Kodi version used on CE19) maintained by people from Plexinc themselves, you should be able to install it from Kodi repository directly, there’s more info for the addon here:
Plex | Matrix | Addons | Kodi
I didn’t use the addon though, you might need to ask in the plex for kodi catogery on the plex forum (link also in the above URL) for further help

Hi, I managed to install Plex on Coreelec, but the thing is, it doesn’t let me choose a source for scanning library.

I successfully installed it on windows by choosing a source, but on the android box running Coreelec the Plex add-on has no such thing.

In fact now it sees my laptop as the server which I don’t want.

I want it to scan the NAS which is a HDD connected to my router’s usb port.

Maybe you can try Matt’s Plex Live addon or PKC??

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