Plex Skip Intro Feature not working?

I’m unsure if this is a feature for the Plex apps that is built upon CoreELEC?

Long story short there is 2 methods I’m aware of to stream from my Plex server.

  1. Official Plex Kodi Add On, (its an add on, search for plex and install the video add on)
  2. Kodi-Connect-addon, which is slightly different but can basically remotely stream directly from the server.

I’m unsure if this is a CoreELEC, Kodi, or one of the Add On’s, it works through web browser and plex app on my phone, however it doesn’t work on my Odroid N2’s, i’m guessing the client is not expecting it.

Login to the server from a web browser, 192.168.x.xx:32400

somewhere in there are the settings.

Edit, I misread your question. mmmm I still think it needs to be set there.

I moved it to add ons, as I feel it is more appropriate.

Yes I updated the server and analyzed the TV shows, the Plex server is doing it just fine on other clients, just not my Odroids running coreElec. I was worried the recent update was pushed, and the client side software may not be looking for it and not show it? If anyone can confirm it working, I’d be happy to keep troubleshooting, but I wasn’t even sure if it was possible yet as its a relatively new feature still.

It is a very new feature in Plex server and both Kodi addon solutions haven’t implemented it yet.

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Awesome! Thank you for the quick reply, I was thinking that might be the case, I also just talked to a friend that said his Xbox Plex app isn’t working either.

Found PlexKodiConnect
As far as the Official Plex for Kodi add-on it appears it might have been abandoned?
I did find this plex-for-kodi which is by plexinc, and appears to be active still… so maybe we will get an update on one of them!

Yeah, you should place a feature request at the respective addon developers.
Though the official development for the “Plex for Kodi” addon has been abandoned, it is still receiving regular updates, so it might be included in the near future. croneter also tries to constantly improve his addon and to keep up with current developments in Plex server.

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I added feature requests for both add-ons for anyone following the thread.

plexkodiconnect feature request

plex for kodi feature request

Looks like it’s already on the roadmap of “Plex for Kodi” and will be added shortly. :slight_smile:

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