PlexKodiConnect addon and CE19.1


i did a brand new install on SD card, KVIM3 of CE 19.1 and i’m trying to install the addon PlexKodiConnect v3.1.3.
However, the addon script is not working with error reported on the addon github.

Error is:
"/storage/.kodi/addons/", line 23, in <module> path_ops.copy_tree( File "/storage/.kodi/addons/", line 189, in copy_tree return shutil.copy_tree(src, dst, *args, **kwargs) AttributeError: module 'shutil' has no attribute 'copy_tree'

Croneter (the dev) told me, mentioned shutil should be part of the installation. Should i install a particular module ? It use to work fine on CE 18

Thank you

I have Vim3 too with latest CE Nightly and yesterday I’ve installed the PKC 3.1.3, everything was fine, no issue, don’t forget to install Locale add-on from CE repo/Services. I didn’t read the my log file but everything worked correctly.

Current python3-beta, fix-dict branch do have a bug. The addon author is already informed.

Cool, thanks a lot for the info @Portisch @Blakey !

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