PLS Update Coreelec Repository Teleboy

Because I have a life?

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Tell me how it works, then I do it myself.

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Can you please update the Repo again. There is a new version of the addon since today. The older version doesn’t work anymore.

Thank you

It should be available with next tomorrow nightly

That’s cool. I can’t see the commit for the Leia Branch but I am sure you didn’t forget it. Thank you

Leia do not receive updates anymore: CoreELEC 9 (Leia) End of Life Announcement

Also the author does not provide a release for Leia anymore as well:

Thank you for the information.

Can I update from Leia to Matrix using the native coreelec menu or do I have to flash it completely new?

You can drop the tar or image into the .update folder and reboot, which will upgrade Leia to Matrix. However, all addons will have to be reinstalled/updated to be compatible with Matrix.

In general, team CoreELEC recommends a fresh installation.

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Thank you for your support.

I have installed the latest Matrix release rc3. A complete new Installation.

Unfortunately the pvr addon is still on the old version. What do I need to do to get the new version?

It’s available in nightly build

When will it be available in stable release? I have only installed the stable.

As soon as TK release Kodi 19.2
Addon could be found here:


The Add-on didn’t work anymore because of Missing DRM key.

It was now updated to a newer version: GitHub - rbuehlma/pvr.teleboy: Kodi PVR-Addon for Teleboy

It is already available at the kodi repo.

Can you please update it too?


Have you tried updating the addon from here?

No, I think it has to be migrated to coreelec otherwise coreelec would reference to kodi repo which is not the case

I tested it, it doesn’t work


you have been so kind in the past and provided the newest Version of the addon: Releases · rbuehlma/pvr.teleboy · GitHub.

The developer updated ist 9 days ago and from now on the addon doesn’t work with the older version anymore.

May I ask you, to compile the current Version for me?

Best regards

Amlogic-ng version: 513.8 KB file on MEGA

For Amlogic I don’t have build at hand but I can make it.

That would be great

Wait, Matrix is only ng so the above addon is correct.