instead of librespot in repo

It would like to ask, if Marcel van der Veldts spotify addon could be added to CoreELEC repo instead of librespot.

This addon is based on librespot but has a gui and can play Spotify songs without using the Smartphone also. Its a kind of librespot plus addon :wink:

Btw. both developers saying they would need maintainer because they do not have enough time.
I can´t do this - not enough knowlegde…

I have only looked quickly through the addon and adding is probably straight forward. We would definitely not remove librespot addon and it also seems like this addon depends on librespot.
I’m not a Spotify subsciber so it’s not easy for me to look into it. Can’t you just install the zip? Does it work?

After installing the zip it worked fine. But after restarting the device the addon has problems.
Titles and all my spotify stuff is shown, but no sound output only a short “klack”. Spotify connect mode will fail then , also.

This is reported already in the kodi thread of this addon. But the developer has time problems.

I hoped you can take a deeper look into it. Because when this addon is working then its really better than librespot…

If you’re using librespot/dpotify addon with live tv/tvheadend client zapping/switching channels isn’t working anymore you get a blackscreen.

That’s what i experienced couple of days ago i asked on the addon maintainer to look at it in the LE forum

I’m more than happy to add new addons to our repositories but the problem is maintaining them with the latest versions, it creates extra work and maintenance for us, it would be easier if we add the repository to our addons repo.

Thanks. Nice.
As far as I know the delevoper of this addon is building his own house atm.
He is aware of the issues. I guess its only a question of time until it will work again without problems. Maybe this thread is helpful to find a skilled maintainer.

Hello Adam, can you please add the to our addons repo? Who knows someone here will probably be able to give it a try to fix it.

If there’s someone who’s willing to maintain it, they can create a PR and we’ll add it.

Adding it to the repo in its current state isn’t a good idea, because it still breaks video/tv playback.