Pop ups adds

Recently reset/reconfigured my mobile device
Reset/changed password

Now when log in
Many adds/pop ups.

Is there a way to reestablish credentials
So adds are removed/blocked?

There was currently a server upgrade necessary. This cause some more costs so the ads are right now enabled again. CoreELEC is a non-profit organization but we also have some costs what are need to be paid by someone…

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i get your a non profit but i also noticed the adds,there was jst to many pop ups that it became really annoying ,in the end to continue using the website i had to install a addblocker

Sorry, the alternative would be to switch off coreelec.org.

We are currently cover 6% of the yearly costs. So the ads need to be on a bit longer…

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Yes can be annoying for sure.

My phone crashed
Lost everything
So had to reset all

When i first logged back in to Forum
Thought my status had been reset to
New member/just joined/0 hours readtime etc…

All is good
Let the adds roll for a bit

Besides if we all use add block :no_entry_sign:
Will never get past 6%

Hahaha :laughing:

Happy Testing

I understand the need, but it’s hard to just read anything in here without the plastering of these very annoying popups. I try to keep away from that stuff where I can. Have a nice day.

Devs could do the same … and then no CoreELEC.


Point taken and understood.
Well, I keep popping in here so I guess devs do the same. But annoying it is.

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As more people click on the ads as faster we are able to turn it off again :wink:


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