Porting CoreELEC to a new box - where to start?

sorry I can’t create topics yet.
I have a few boxes with S905x SoC not yet in production,
I have access to working Android P firmware sources and to Amlogic git repos.
I would like try to port FOSS Linux firmware for the boxes, seems CoreELEC suits well.
Where should I start?

PS: the box based on Ampere reference board, if it matters.

Surprisingly Generic image just works for my box, so no actual porting needed.

Are you talking about SM1 or future parts? I assume you are using the Amlogic-NG build? Which DTB?
Or are you talking about actual S905X parts? (gxl)

It’s S905X box, I had to add Wifi driver for it and Bluetooth is not working yet: https://github.com/CoreELEC/CoreELEC/pull/219

PS: sorry dunno what parts are you talking about.

I misunderstood. You said that you have boxes with a S905X chip, I thought you meant a new S905X series chip.

Adam is on vacation right now, I think he’ll have a better idea of how to fix the BT issue, then we’ll merge your PR.

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What is it? Did you mean S905X2?