Portrait videos always stretched to landscape by default on Odroid C2

Whenever I play videos captured on my phone in portrait orientation (i.e. 1080x1920) on the Odroid C2 running CoreELEC, either by casting them to the device using Kore or playing from local or network storage, the videos are always stretched to fill the entire 1920x1080 screen.

The same portrait orientation video files play fine on Kodi running on x86 devices either when played from local/network storage or cast to the device using Kore/Yatse.

While playing the video, going to video settings and changing the orientation setting from “from metadata” to “90 degrees” plays the video properly. This setting is remembered for local/network storage locations, but not when casting the same video from a phone device directly using Kore / Yatse.

Is this a known defect with Odroid C2 devices, or can it be addressed somehow? Thanks!

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