Possible - Power on by IR remote?

Hi all,

I’m using meson-ir with a Wetek Play2 remote which works well, except for the ‘Power on’ button.

Is there a keymap code available for this button ?
I’ve done a fair bit of searching, but no solution (except reconfiguring/recompiling u-boot in an older thread).


If your uboot doesn’t support it then there is only the way to write bl301 blob within CoreELEC.
But this only works if you have a newer Amlogic-ng device. Also no guarantee it will not brick your device.

Hi Ray,

Thanks for the info.

I’ve read up a bit about the bl301 blob on the different forum posts.
It seems S905X isn’t supported by the bl301 injection tool for now.
I’m going to keep my Minix Neo U1 in service for the time being and maybe replace it with a VIM3L in the future.

Again, thanks for the info.


If you wanna go with SBC get an Odroid C4.

Ok Ray,

I’ll keep it in mind.