Possible to install 32-bit Entware packages?

Running on a 4GB Odroid N2 and I’m tying to get a custom version of Squeezelite running so that I can experiment with room correction for my music playback from a Squeezebox server outputting to a USB DAC connected to the N2. The process I’m using is documented here (https://github.com/Lykkedk/SuperPlayer) and includes a custom build of the squeezelite player.

When I try and run this it complains about some missing libraries (libFLAC, libmad and others) which I’ve tried to add from the Entware repository. However, the files opkg installs are all aarch64 and the squeezelite binary is compiled as 32-bit.

Whilst I may be able to recompile as 64-bit it does appear as though there are 32-bit (armV7 ?) packages in Entware but I can’t figure out how/if these can be installed.

Does anyone know if this should be possible or am I wasting my time?


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