Possible to install coreelec on usb ssd?odroid n2

I know this has probably been asked before but who has installed coreelec on a ssd drive connected to usb port on there odroid n2,I have it installed on the internal emc and its pretty fast,but it should be alot quicker with load times/movie source scrapping with a fast ssd,has anyone done this and what’s the performance like compared to the emc? Is the speed diffrence worth it

On my Odroid N2Plus I have CE 19 Matrix on a Samsung microSD, from the usb pendrive or microSD adapter I could not boot it. For me, through microSD, I have not tried it in the internal memory in this device but in a different Amlogic S905 I did not notice a big difference to use it through MicroSD or the internal memory. I think and it is my opinion that CoreELEC does not show much of using it having it installed in microSD or internal nand, in Android it would be different, it is my opinion.

Odroid N2 does boot from USB pen/disk drive using SPI switch in left position to boot from Petitboot.

I tried it from the usb and it did not start, from the microSD slot to the first it worked for me. I’ll try another day, thanks.

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