Possible to mount squashfs system to extract certain files?

I screwed up somehow my Odroid C2 sd card which doesn´t boot anymore into GUI and also SSH doesn´t work but I would like to copy certain files and configs to a new installation.
So here is my question: Is it possible to mount the squashfs files KERNEL and SYSTEM under Linux to be able to read and copy from so I can use them for my new installation?
Thanks in advance.

squashfs files are readonly blobs that can not be modified, they typically do not have any variable data in them that would be worth to copy or back up. the kernel is no filesystem at all but a kernel image, there is also no variable data in it.

if you want to back up any data (configs, caches, stored files and whatnot) you likely want to back up something from /storage instead (typically /dev/mmcblk0p2 in any *ELEC SD card installation).

if you want to mount a squashfs file in linux you can do that like:
sudo mount -o loop /path/to/squashfs.file /mnt

you can also install squashfs-tools (in debian or ubuntu… under redhat based systems the package might be called differently) and use the unsquashfs command from it to unpack the squashfs file.

Thank you for your help. You were absolutly right. Everything I needed was in STORAGE - stupid me had to turn on show hidden files. Thanks again.