Possible to simulate "Back" button press from command?

Just wondering if there is a way to simulate pressing a remote button from a script?

I’m not having much luck using google because most ask the opposite, execute a script from a key press.


you can use this, through SSH :

kodi-send --action=back

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worked perfectly, thank you

Hello friends!
Sorry if I suddenly wrote a message in the wrong thread (but I didn’t find anything similar on the forum). So, I ask your help my friends)))
I have the following task: it is necessary to transfer the command from the server to the set-top box via SSH. This command should switch the various checkboxes in the CoreELEC menu (for example, turn off the Cron as in the screenshot, etc.). Someone can give an example of such a command (with the exception of [kodi-send --action = Select], since I can not see the TV box screen)).
Maybe there is some configuration file in the system in which the states of all checkboxes are saved !? Then tell me the way by which it is!
Thank you all in advance!

These forums are for CoreELEC.

Sorry, I uploaded the wrong screenshot. Already fixed.
My question is about a CoreELEC system!