Power off doesn't work on KVIM2

When I try to power off my KVIM2 running CoreELEC 8.95.0 it just reboots.

CoreELEC installed on microSD.
Official latest Android is installed into NAND.

We are aware of this issue, unfortunately only @afl1 has the KVIM2 on our Team so it may be a while before he get’s time to look at this, I believe it is the u-boot bootloader that is causing this issue though.

My KVIM2 power off with CE. The issue is most likely in u-boot. Install original Android and then try CE from SD.

@afl1 Hi, which version of Android are you using? I have tried all firmwares from Khadas site. I have same problem as NemO. Thank you

EDIT: I have found, why it has happened. Once I have disabled WOL, everything works. Anyway, thank you!

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Hi @alibababa, disable WOL on Android? (I have not seen WOL option on CoreELEC or am I missing something?:slight_smile: )

Btw, have you installed CE on eMMC? If so does shutdown works?

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Hi, yes, disable WOL on Android (not in CE). Then install CE, I´m running CE on eMMC…

Yes I did it and everything is great. Installed on eMMC.


One stupid question:

How to disable wol on Android?

You have to have original khadas android rom and in settings there is an option to disable wol.


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